For and with Entrepreneurs


Educating engineers involves teamwork. At Group T Campus, this team includes students, professors and entrepreneurs. Group T Campus manages the students via the professors to the entrepreneurs.

Why? Because Group T Campus wants to educate engineers who respond optimally to the entrepreneurs’ expectations. Engineers who are versatile. Who are sure of themselves technologically, but who also have pronounced enterprising qualities and moreover who are in the position to coach others and continue developing themselves in a rapidly evolving environment and globalizing world. And, above all, engineers who know what a company is. Engineers who haven’t learned this from books but rather who have been taught in and by a company.

No amount of passive training can achieve such results. That’s why Group T Campus has chosen working formats that release the initiative of students and professors alike and encourages them to cooperate and consult with each other and entrepreneurs across borders. This is only possible if the entrepreneur’s milieu is made as tangibly present as possible. And through organizing Group T Campus itself as an enterprise. A 'partnership' between students, professors, and entrepreneurs.

In this section we describe how Group T Campus is present in enterprises, how entrepreneurs are present at our campus, how the university college itself is organized as a business and how Group T Campus engineers develop into entrepreneurs.

The Learning Network
Extensive Career Service

Every year Group T Campus organizes a matching event between companies and graduates, the

Entrepreneurs' Day.