Course Organization

Start and end of the academic year

The academic year officially begins at the end of September and finishes at the end of September of the following year.

Semesters, class weeks, and study hours

Every academic year includes a coherent whole of at least 1500 and at most 1800 hours of study time, i.e. instruction or other study activities, and is made up of two semesters of 14 weeks of classes each.

Examination period

Exams are given between the first and the second semesters, spread out over three weeks. These exams form part of the first exam period. The second exam period follows the second semester. A third exam period is scheduled for after the summer vacation in August/September.

Academic calendar

You find information on semesters, weeks of classes, study and exam periods, examination board meetings, etc. in the academic calendar.

Contact the International Office

First read the Admission Requirements and then use the online application tool.

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