Concept: the 5E-Engineer

More than just technological experts

In essence, engineers find intelligent solutions to technological problems. 5E-engineers however are more than experts in technology. They also have distinct entrepreneurial skills and are capable of coaching both themselves and others. 5E-engineers are also aware of their place in the world and the impact they have on nature and culture. Finally, they know how to integrate everything and to gain a higher insight.

Not an overnight achievement

You don't just learn 5E-engineering from a book or by yourself. It's a matter of qualities that you develop as you go along, collaborating in cross-professional tasks, in an environment characterized by diversity and a plurality of world visions.

No traditional program can achieve this. The principles underlying the engineering curriculum at Group T Campus create a learning and working environment which encourages students to derive the best from themselves and to continue developing.

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Engineering, Educating, Enterprising

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