Vision of Engineering

Although there is already a great deal, there is still plenty of room for inventions that can make our lives more enjoyable. That's why at Group T Campus you can follow an engineering program in which you not only build expertise, you also literally and figuratively go beyond engineering. You learn to be creative and innovative in your thinking and especially in your ventures.

We create an educational environment which allows you to discover and develop your specific talents:

  • We create learning experiences that appeal to all your skills, not just the engineering ones.
  • We put you in charge of your own learning process.
  • At a very early stage, we bring you into contact with your future professionalenvironment.
  • We create an international study- and living environment marked by a plurality of world visions.
We have confidence in you


campagnebeeld ingenieursopleiding: Beyond Engineering

One kingfisher can set a rapid speed train back on track


New from Japan: the most revolutionary air conditioner ever designed

electric car

Finally an electric car that drives further than the edge of the drawing board


How to stop hunger with river mud