An interview is a kind of discussion. A dialogue in which the interlocutors communicate directly and exchange ideas with each other.

An exchange of ideas

This is exactly what Interview is aimed at. Stimulating interaction between Group T’s partners: students, professors, entrepreneurs, and professionals from the worlds of education and research, both nationally and internationally. The goal is to inform each other and in so doing getting to know each other better.

Communicating our vision...

But there’s more. Interview also seeks to raise awareness for vision. ‘Teaching engineers and teachers with vision’ is after all Group T’s main goal. In doing so, Interview has an eye especially for the way in which our vision is translated into concrete actions and projects.

... and how it is implemented

Interview seeks to give you a glimpse of how our partners contribute to Group T’s vision and how they disseminate it when communicating with each other and the world. In this way, we find ourselves again at the outset: Interview as a meeting point and channel of communication for anyone connected to Group T. Vision of course being one of the few things that increases when you share it with others!

Group T's periodical compiles articles in Dutch and in English.

Interview: Engineering College
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Interview: Education College
Cover Interview

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