Intelligent Mobility Campus destroyed by fire

Early morning Feburary 14, 2012, Group T's new campus in the Haasrode Business & Research Park (Leuven area), went up in flames. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but it is clear that the damage is extensive. No one got hurt.

Labs for ecological and intelligent mobility

The Intelligent Mobility Campus housed a number of labs in which research was conducted into new forms of ecological and intelligent mobility. It was also the home to Group T's Solar Team, the CQS Group T Racing Team, and the Formula Group T Team.

Research continues

The student teams are distraught—their determination is even great, though. They will start recruiting new team members as planned and will hold their engagements towards their business partners.

Umicore Imagine unscathed

One bright spot in all of this: the Umicore Imagine, the Solar Team's newest solar car, was not in the building at the time of the fire. It will be on display in the Vesalius Campus atrium shortly.

Intelligent Mobility Campus after the fire

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Campus Intelligent Mobility destroyed by fire
Campus Intelligent Mobility destroyed by fired
Campus Intelligent Mobility destroyed by fire
Campus Intelligent Mobility destroyed by fire
Geert Waeyenbergh, campus coordinator, in front of the building.

Campus Group T Leuven
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October 1, 2013, Group T's academic programs became KU Leuven programs.They are still based on Group T's unique profile, though. At graduation, you receive a University of Leuven degree.

Read more on the integration via the University of Leuven website.

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