2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge

Following months of hard work the Umicore Solar Team finally made it to Australia. The Umicar Imagine is being prepared for the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge, that starts October 16 in Darwin.

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You can follow the team of engineering students via:

The race

The World Solar Challenge is the non-official world championship for solar race cars. Some 90 teams do the 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide Ocotber 16 to 23, powered solely by the sun.

What happened before

During the 2009 race, it looked like the team was going to come in second. However, the car was swept away by a gust of wind and crashed up against a tree. The Umicar Inspire was unable to finish the race. The latest solar car has been fitted with extra protective devices against side winds.

Group T wishes the team a safe and succesful race!

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