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These pages should give you an idea of what Leuven Education College and its Dutch-language Bachelor of Education stand for.

Three bachelor years (in Dutch)

Students follow a three-year tailor-made program (standard track). Depending on their interests, they choose from the following fields of study:

Straight to the classroom

Our students enter the classroom during their first year of study. Internships take up a substantial part of the curriculum. In their final year, students independently fill out an entire semester with teaching practice.

Teachers with vision

In three years time (standard track), Group T graduates are ready to guide and support children and youngsters in their development in an enterprising, creative, and innovating manner. Our students don’t just train to become teachers—they themselves also actively shape and render content to their training. They become teachers with vision.

In English?

Group T does not offer fully-fledged bachelor programs in education in English, but Leuven Education College does offer an English-language postgraduate program. It also organizes international exchange opportunities for both students and faculty.
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As a member of UNESCO’s ASPnet schools, Group T-Leuven Education College shares UNESCO’s commitment to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and seeks to contribute to the building of peace, sustainable development, and intercultural dialogue by educational means.

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