Professional Teachers

At the heart of Group T's educational profile lies a very broad outlook on the teaching profession. Teachers are not only active at classroom-level, but also at the level of the school and, even broader, at the level of society. These represent the teacher's three main responsibilities.

Basic competences

Everything students need to know and be able to do to take on these responisbilities is rendered in the basic competences of the future teacher. A basic competence is a collection of skills, attitudes, and knowledge that you have to master to be able to function properly as a teacher just starting out.


As far as responsibility toward the learner is concerned, the competences do not only cover proper teaching and knowledge of the subject matter, but also the teacher's role as a coach, an educator, organizer, and innovator.


The competences relevant to the school relate to the teacher's role as a partner of the parents, as member of the schoolteam, as a partner to third parties, and member of the educational community in general.


At the level of society, the competences concern ethical and esthetical awareness, care for the environment and surroundings, and an openness to and respect for other cultures.

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