Mission Statement

Who are we? What are our values? What do we represent?

Group T’s objective is to provide education in the broadest sense, both locally and globally, from a plurality of world views. Revolving around the 5Es (Environmenting, Enterprising, Engineering, Educating, Ensembling) Group T’s mission is Educing Essence by Experiencing Existence.  

Enterprising education is, in addition to the activity of education proper, understood to include but not to be limited to research and services, the establishment and participation in companies that form spin-offs from this research, the offering of all forms of services to students, personnel, and third parties, the starting up or participation in other associations or companies with a similar or related objective and the acquisition, establishment and set up, management and making available of all moveable and immoveable infrastructure to accomplish these objects.  

Within Group T, bachelor, master, advanced master, postgraduate certificate and other programs are organized both locally and globally, in Dutch and in other languages in, among other areas, engineering, enterprising, educating, environmenting, and ensembling.  

With regard to academic bachelor and master programs in the study domain of industrial sciences and technology, Group T sets as its objective to educate future engineers based on the 5E-concept and this in the context of the four technology fields of Matter, Energy, Information, and Life, in connection with the four basic sciences of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. As regards engineering, Group T places technology first, always in combination with management and communication.  

With regard to professional bachelor programs in the field of education, Group T sets as its objective to educate students on the basis of the 5E-concept to become teachers with an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of creativity, and a capacity for change. All this from a plurality of world views, among others by offering, in addition to both religious studies and non-confessional ethics, other world views. As regards educating, Group T aims to develop the person as a whole, referring to UNESCO’s body of thoughts,The Four Pillars of Education: Learning to Be, Learning to Know, Learning to Do, and Learning to Live Together.

The international nature of Group T’s education, research, and services is essential. The international character includes initiatives like joint organization of education and research projects with international institutes and services to international institutes, exchange of personnel and students, development of its own extensions abroad and of extensions of foreign institutes at Group T, development of educational concepts and programs on behalf of international partners, and organization of education in languages other than Dutch. The use of electronic media as a tool and English as a language is essential in this.

Alliances With the World of Enterprise

Thanks to the close cooperation with companies and schools, you get professional experience throughout your program.
For and With Entrepreneurs