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On October 1, 2013 Group T’s academic bachelor and master programs integrated into the University of Leuven. Our students are now formally students of KU Leuven (at Group T Campus) and will graduate with a KU Leuven degree.

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University of World Renown

KU Leuven is the largest university in Belgium and the oldest in the Benelux countries with a rich history of nearly 600 years. It offers a comprehensive catalogue of 235 academic degree programs at campuses in 11 cities. With more than 7,400 international students from 140 countries—more than 15 % of its total student population—KU Leuven fosters a vibrant international university community.

Top-level research is conducted and judged according to the highest international standards and implies interaction, cooperation and exchange, of both researchers and results. As such,
KU Leuven is a charter member of the League of European Research-intensive Universities (the LERU network) along with the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Leiden, Edinburgh, Geneva, Heidelberg, Strasbourg etc.

Likewise, with respect to teaching, several highly regarded surveys show that the numerous contributions by
KU Leuven researchers to renowned journals and the university’s top-ten ranking among other European scientific institutions, place KU Leuven projects on a par with national and international ones.

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KU Leuven Association

Group T is also a member of the KU Leuven Association. This association is based on close collaboration between the University of Leuven and 12 other university colleges and institutions of higher education. Its members have a total of 70,000 students at campuses in 23 towns and cities across Flanders, that is, 44 percent of the total number of Flemish students in higher education.

The primary aims of the
KU Leuven Association are:
• to offer a wide range of study and training
• to improve the quality of education
• to improve the quality of research by concentration and intense collaboration

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Integration agreement

Group T signs integration agreement with the University of Leuven. Read the article in our newsmagazine, Interview.