A Vote for Congo

André-Stéphane van de Goor

Bana Leuven
Enterprising, socially engaged and open to the world, these features define André-Stéphane van de Goor, Group T student at the Engineering School. Last year he decided to set up a new organization, together with some friends and fellow students: Bana Leuven or ‘children of Leuven’ in Lingala, the main language in the area around Kinshasa.

Informing and supporting

Bana Leuven wants to bring the Congolese and Congo-sympathizers from Leuven together, inform them and—why not?—further Congo’s development. It has already hosted quite a few activities: an opening night, a very successful ‘Christmas in Congo’ happening, and a lively evening debate for the elections on May 10, 2006. According to André-Stéphane these historic 2006 elections—the second democratic elections since independence—have sowed the seeds for a whole new Congo.

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