International Office

Campus Group T has its very own, on-site International Office.

What they do

Our International Office serves:

  • foreign students and faculty who come to Group T
  • Group T-students and faculty who want to go abroad

You can turn to them for information, help, and advice concerning your study program, stay, accommodation, and administrative facilities (for example, insurance policies).

  • Info Days: Register and let us know which programs you are interested in.
  • Erasmus (LLP): Enroll at Campus Group T as an exchange student.
  • Welcome Activities: The International Office's way of making you feel at home.
  • Contact: Write, e-mail, or phone.
Students being welcomed by International Officer Sun Zhibin.
Students welcomed by IO-Officer Sun Zhibin.

Applying for a program at Campus Group T

Click the program you are interested in to find all information necessary for your application:

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