Why ACE-Group T?

Why ACE-Group T?

ACE-Group T offers language courses of a high standard. We can count on a professional and experienced team of language teachers.

At ACE-Group T the student occupies center stage. Both the teachers and the support staff do everything possible to welcome new students warmly and to make sure that they are placed at the right entry level for the course of their choosing.

With the student in mind, ACE-Group T is continuously revamping. Some of our recent innovations are:

  • Thai for beginners. We are currently the only center for adult education (Centrum Volwassenenonderwijs) in Flanders to offer this course. The course is organized in cooperation with the Thammasat University of Bangkok and under the auspices of the Thai embassy. In addition students are offered the opportunity of attending a follow-on summer course in Thai language and culture at the Thammasat University in Bangkok.

  • Expansion of the Chinese language courses. As interest in the Chinese courses has continued to increase over the years, the course is being extended so that students can follow a fourth-year program of study in Chinese at ACE-Group T. An additional advantage is the new form of cooperation with the Confucius Class.

  • A Dutch course customized for non-native speakers with higher education who do not have any active knowledge of a Western language.We now offer an extended version of Level 1 Dutch. This gives students more opportunity to assimilate the subject matter.

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