Postgraduate programs

Have you already obtained a bachelor's or master's? Then come to Group T to continue your education. Our postgraduate programs are truly international: more than 90% of the student body left their home country to study at Group T. Together they cover the American, African, Asian, and European continent.

Leuven Engineering College

In recent years, the emerging economies' stupendous economic growth has placed great demands on their industry. Companies are constantly looking for managers who can support the growth forecasts.

Because of its longstanding collaboration with partners in Asia, Group T is able to train students to cater to these specific needs with postgraduate programs uniquely designed and positioned for this purpose.

Moreover, agreements with these partner universities facilitate obtaining a master's degree or MBAat Asian partners through credit transfer.

Leuven Education College

The principles guiding the Postgraduate Program in Development Studies are UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Live Together, Learning to Be.

Enterprising postgrads
International Postgraduate Programs in Enterprising
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