Development Studies (International Educating Class)

The Postgraduate Program in Development Studies focuses on development and capacity building through education, both in and outside of school. It blends the theory and practice of capacity building, development work, and education into one exploratory and enterprising trajectory.

Whether or not you already are a teacher, you will be able to use the program's tools for analyzing, fine-tuning, and revitalizing your professional life. At the same time, you will learn to apply educating competences in all areas of your personal life.

The program's components are all inspired by and organized around UNESCO's five major programs and its view on education.

It comprises two semester programs that can be followed in any sequence or as separate entities: Enterprising Education (fall, 30 ECTS) and Exploring Education (spring, 30 ECTS).

The program is part of Group T–Leuven Education College's International Educating Classes (IEC). It does not lead to a teacher's certificate, though.

The program has been officially recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Education and is supported by UNESCO. Graduates receive an officially recognized certificate.

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UNESCO's Vision of Education is Realized in Leuven. (Corelio Publishing NV, Flanders Today, Jan 2011, #164, p. 6)

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